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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Augusta, ME

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fertility is at a 30-year low. That doesn't mean women aren't still having babies though.

Pregnancy chiropractic care can help relieve the general aches and pains of pregnancy, it can help you avoid a breech baby, and it can help with your health and the baby's health.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Just as a regular visit to the chiropractor is excellent preventative health care, it can also help with your health as an expecting mother and the health of your baby.

Here are some of the benefits of pregnancy chiropractic care:

1. Relief from Pregnancy Pains

Chiropractic care is an excellent way to relieve pain – before, during, and after pregnancy. Visits to your chiropractor should be a regular part of your pain management, as it a drugless approach to feel less pain.

Carrying a baby puts a strain on your entire body. Chiropractic care offers relief from all of that pain. It helps keep your spine and your pelvis in alignment.

2. Prevention of Complications

Part of how pregnancy chiropractic care can improve your baby's health is by ensuring you are strong and healthy, but also by making sure your pelvis is properly aligned. This is useful in ensuring your baby is not breech and gives them a more comfortable womb to develop in.

3. Prenatal Care and Development

Prenatal chiropractic care ensures that you are healthy, which increases your chances of having a healthy baby. It also helps you recover faster after labor. Labor is pretty intensive, and chiropractic care can help take away some of the pain and stress.

Because your chiropractor works to keep your nervous system running smoothly, your body can better care for the baby growing inside you. Blood flow and oxygen flow will both be increased. And proper spinal alignment ensures your baby isn't adding extra stress to your body than needed.

4. Postpartum Care and Development

After you have your baby, your chiropractor will help you recover, both physically and mentally. Chiropractic care is often combined with massage, which offers even more stress relief. By keeping your system flowing properly, you can also expect better milk flow for feeding your newborn.

5. Webster Technique in Augusta

Click here to learn more about the webster technique.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Augusta

If you're preparing to give birth, just found out you're pregnant, or you are concerned about breech pregnancy, chiropractic care can help you every step of the way.

Dr. LaVallee has years of experience and stays up-to-date on the latest techniques in chiropractic pregnancy care, and he is ready to help you on the path to a healthier pregnancy, no matter what trimester you are at in your pregnancy. Contact LaVallee Chiropractic to schedule an appointment today.