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Here is what some of our patients have said about their experience at LaVallee Chiropractic

No More Earaches

My daughter Anna, 8 years old, was suffering from ear aches almost constantly for weeks. She used to have problems with ear infections only when she would eat dairy, but with a diet change and good supplements, we hadn't had any trouble until this past spring when the mold got bad in our cellar. Anna's ears became inflamed and she showed signs of hearing loss. The pain was almost constant. Since we didn't want to go the road so many of our friends went, with the "antibiotic roller coaster," tubes and tubes falling out, etc. we decided to try chiropractic, as I had so many friends who received great help with post nasal drip, ear, nose and throat infections, etc.

Believe it or not, after only 2 adjustments Anna was falling asleep at night like a baby (which she NEVER did, even when she was a baby! And she was free of all ear pain and HEADACHES, which she got quite often!

I am writing this at Anna's 4 th adjustment appt. and Doctor LaVallee says she's doing so well that he doesn't even recommend having to see her again for a month, Yay!

Children respond REALLY well to chiropractic. And it truly is a "First do no harm" approach.

Mrs. Fortier,

Richmond , ME


I first heard of Dr. James from my neighbor who is really good friends with my wife. She said he was really good at what he does and took the times to explain what was wrong with her, how to fix and actually took time out for every patient to teach them something about the wellness aspect of chiropractic using analogies or little toys. My wife started to see him shortly after about her migraines and lower back pain. To my surprise he was able to greatly reduce her migraines in frequency and intensity in just over a month. What impressed me the most is that he was not able to help her lower back for more then a day or two so he actually referred her out to another health care provider that was able to help her. Being a general contractor and having years of abuse to my lower back I started to see Dr. James. He took X-rays and performed a special computer test in the office and took the time to explain how damaged my spine was. I actually understood what he told me because he took the time to explain it all and answered all my questions without looking at his watch. The most impressive thing I found about LaVallee Chiropractic is that my back seized up at 6:30 A.M. on a Friday morning this past spring to the point that I literally could not move from the waist down. I called him, and actually got him not a machine to my surprise and he was on my door step with the massage therapist, Chris that works with him. I didn't think Doctors still made house calls anymore. The two of them carried me down from the second floor of my house into an SUV and brought me to the office for a very intense session of trigger point work and adjusting. I was able to walk with assistance to the jeep an hour later. Two days later I was able to walk around the house, and 3 days later I was back at work, actually working. I am truly amazed at how Dr. James and Chris were able to help me. Since all of this our daughter sees Dr. James about once a month to keep her asthma at bay and to keep her aligned. I know that his care made a difference in my life, I am just glad we talked to our neighbor.




My first trip to see Dr. James I was unable to work. He was able to improve my problem with my lower back each trip I came to him. After several trips to him I was able to get around good without pain. I am now able to go without pain which is surprising since I went to the emergency room two days before I saw Dr. James.


Chelsea , ME

I first met Dr. James @ the senior expo "I can help you" he said, as I put his card in my purse. A few months later as I am trying to type and I can't bend my fingers I remember the card.. I can not bend my fingers without pain. I type 10 hrs a day 4 days a week without pain pills. I am a happy girl. I wish I tried chiropractic years ago.


A couple of years ago while attending Senior Spectrum, my husband and I became acquainted with LaVallee Chiropractic and were amazed over what was offered.

At the time I was going to another chiropractor but kept LaVallee Chiropractic at the back of my mind until last November at the end of the month when I switched. I had many health issues for years with neck and eyes with frequent migraines-often violently ill.

I have had a considerable decrease in pain even more since coming to LaVallee Chiropractic with a strong schedule of appointments, no doubt what my system needed, along with massage therapy which specially targets the trigger points and a more natural diet and prayer support also ministers to the conditions I have.

It takes much determination, effort and continued research in cooperating with alternative healing and wellness_ but it is worth the effort. Health and wellness rests largely with the patient, while chiropractic and lifestyle changes become the tools to work with at home and while at work.

It is a journey I would recommend to anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get wellness and live life - definitely, an effort worth taking.



My son Christian, started kindergarten in the 2003-2004 school year. Christian's entrance scores made him eligible for the Title 1 program. The program provided one on one help with a Title 1 instructor. Christian had begun to complain of headaches by the end of the first quarter. I took him to the eye doctor. He had astigmatism that was treated with eye glasses. Reading was the biggest problem for Christian because he seemed to have difficulty concentrating and focusing. He constantly complained about his head hurting. In his words, "my brain keeps going mush, mush."

Students are frequently tested on reading performance and then given a letter score representing his/her level of reading. Kindergartens read books at level A, B, and C. Christian started first grade at the B level. By the end of the first quarter, (beginning of October) he had moved up to C. In November, his eye prescription did change a little but his reading was not improving and had become a real concern. He had just begun to read level D when school let out for Christmas. He was still complaining about the headaches and the "Mush, Mush" in his head.

I heard about Dr. James LaVallee and his chiropractic services in early December. I wasn't convinced that spinal misalignment could cause anything more than pain, and I definitely wasn't a believer, but at this point I was willing to try anything. Christian saw Dr. LaVallee in early December and Dr. LaVallee notes some problems with Christian's alignment. Christian wasn't able to start adjustments until January because of. Christmas vacation. Since then Christian has been receiving adjustments three times a week.

Recently, Christian told me that he was reading level H books. Honestly, I thought the teacher was just trying to encourage him. A few days later, I spoke with his Title 1 instructor and boy was I surprised. She confirmed that he was at level H and that he had made amazing progress. She said that he was no longer complaining and that he was reading with so much focus and intensity that he is like a different child. He had bypassed his reading buddy that had previously been ahead of him. She told me that I would probably be receiving an exit letter dismissing Christian from the program. First graders are expected to end the school year at level H or I, and Christian was already performing at a level H. There was not much more she could do to help him.

I would love to say that Christian and I worked really hard on his studies during the month of January and early February, but the truth is, none of his study habits changed. In fact, my schedule was so stretched that I had little or no time to work with him. The only change that occurred during that time frame was that he started to receive adjustments.

Christian, got his report card for the second quarter and mid February and his letter score was H. He started kindergarten 1.5 years ago and grew 4 levels (A,B,C and D.) In one month, he has grown 4 levels (E, F, G, and H) in reading. Four levels in 1.5 years compared to 4 levels in one month. I am a BIG believer now.